the Horned Hunters


Creation-Ruling Mandate

Policy: to track and slay ever more challenging titanic beasts
Intimacies: V’Neef Cernunnos (admiration), Leda of the Everstill Pond (respect), Aulaph the Ogre (fear), honey mead (love)

Leaders: V’Neef Cernunnos, Aulaph the Ogre

Size: 2
Competence: 3 (Survival, getting jobs, hunting behemoths)
Influence: 0
Wealth: 1
Reach: 0

Capital: 6

Special Asset: Horn of Calling (2)

Mass Combat

Magnitude: 2
Drill: 2
Might: 1
Melee / Damage: +2 / +3L
Ranged / Damage: +3 / +3L
Armor: +1 L / -1 mobility
Morale: 4
Special Characters: V’Neef Cernunnos, Aulaph the Ogre
Formation: Usually Unordered or Skirmish


These collection of hunters, mercenaries, and thrillseekers have proven their loyalty and resourcefulness to V’Neef Cernunnos. Although they are not similarly afflicted by wyld mutations (or at least not the exact same ones) they all wear horned helmets or headdresses in unity with their giant-slaying leader. When Cernunnos returns to the Realm he often leaves them in whatever satrapy he is leaving under the direction of his second-in-command, Aulaph the Ogre.

The Horned Hunters love archery, hunting, and honey mead.

the Horned Hunters

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