Seedsoothe Slingshot


(Artifact 1)

When it is loaded with a seed and charged with a single mote of essence, the plant will immediately grow to maturity upon impacting appropriate terrain. Such flora may cause environmental penalties and hazards but can never be used to outright damage a foe.


Crafted by Leda of the Everstill Pond as another token of their undying love, the seedsoothe slingshot is crafted from wood still warm to the touching and a leather sling that seems to purr when touched. Leda of the Everstill Pond was inspired to create the wonder upon hearing Cernunnos describe the long wait each year for the wine grapes to be ready for harvesting in his home of Arjuf. Horrified that mortals have to labor under the unnecessary restriction of time, the raksha devised the slingshot so that seeds fired from the wonder will grow to maturity instantaneously.

For this reason, Cernunnos always carries a variety of bags of seeds with him when he travels. Notably acorns, sunflower seeds, and maize.

Seedsoothe Slingshot

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