Jade Honeycomb Refinery


(Artifact 1)

This essentially creates a supply of alcohol limited only by the supply of obtainable water. At the Storyteller’s discretion, exotic ingredients increase the potency and may alter the effects of the brew created using the syrup.

Use of this wonder and generosity with the brew it produces grants the user +1 to Socialize rolls for the remainder of the scene.


Affixed to an ironwood staff, this artistically designed green jade honeycomb is inlaid with starmetal. When desired, the owner of the jade honeycomb refinery can release the bee-spirits that dwell within the artifact to collect local pollens, saps, and floral debris. This debris that coalesces into a thick syrup which begins to drip out of the honeycomb after the bee-spirits return. When generously diluted with water, this syrup creates a delicious mead whose taste varies by the materials used to create the syrup. When used in the Bordermarches or in demesnes the results are particularly potent.

Jade Honeycomb Refinery

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