Horn of Calling

musical instrument

(Artifact 1)

When blown in a Bordermarch or deeper in the Wyld this talisman perfectly communicates to Leda the waypoint where Cernunnos is currently located so long as Leda is also in the Wyld. This effect can only be used when the horn is blown by Cernunnos. Although only Leda of the Everstill Pond knows Cernunnos’ location, all within the waypoint he inhabits hear the horn when it is blown.

The other function of the horn is to attract behemoth. When worn about the head, it allows the user to summon nearby behemoths by name. This power only works when 1.) Cernunnos knows the behemoth’s name, 2.) the behemoth is within a (Cernunnos’ Essence) in miles or a waypoints, and 3.) he rolls a Charisma + Performance roll with a result equal to or higher than the behemoth’s Essence. The behemoth can ignore the summoning by spending a (Cernunnos’ Essence) in willpower. This power only works once a season.


This curious magical talisman was the first creation of love ever crafted by Leda of the Everstill Pond. The horn itself was from a behemoth that Cernunnos had defeated in battle. Upon presenting his token of victory to Leda, Leda hollowed the horn and detailed it with the story of fascination and magnetism that defined their romance. The leather strap the horn is tied to is decorated with large gossamer swan feathers from Leda’s own plume. V’Neef Cernunnos typically wears this around his neck but, when on the hunt, the horn is not used as an instrument but is strapped about the head and the horn points out as if a Cernunnos himself had a third horn.

Horn of Calling

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